That’s Entertainment: Bloomingdale’s Infuses Shopping With Filmls

Bloomingdale's has been the setting for many different kinds of entertainment over the years, from a show by the four Marx brothers in

January 1934 to a few episodes of "The Gilded Age" on HBO in 2022. In-store sequences were filmed for "Manhattan" (1979) by Woody Allen;

; "9 1/2 Weeks" (1986); "Bride Wars" (2009); and other feature films. Not only has the corporation offered settings for some films, television shows

, and theatrical performances, but it has also brought these works to life in an effort to connect with consumers and sell more products. In 2001

for instance, Bloomingdale's went all-in with a "Moulin Rouge" concept store and hired Nicole Kidman and other cast members to do

a can-can for shoppers. The then-senior vice president of fashion direction at the shop, Kal Ruttenstein, was initially intrigued by the Baz

Luhrmann-directed picture after seeing an Annie Leibovitz-photographed shoot in Vogue. Twenty-First Century Fox