Even if you don't pay much attention to tennis (or, more specifically, the U.S. Open), you can still learn about some pros by watching matches on TV.

Like professional tennis player Emma Raducanu, who has made a name for herself and gotten a lot of attention for her life off the court.

Fans want to know who Emma Raducanu is dating, even though she seems to like her privacy outside of the game.
The 19-year-old tennis star made headlines when, in 2021,

she became the first British woman in more than 50 years to win the U.S. Open. Now, she's ready to defend that title as she continues to play against the best female players of our time,

all of whom have more years of professional experience than she does. People are naturally interested in Emma when she's not being a beast on the court.

There have been rumours about who Emma is dating, even though she hasn't talked about it recently and her Instagram doesn't say anything about

it. In May 2022, The Daily Express said that Emma had been talking to Fabio Quartararo, a French Grand Prix motorcycle rider, on Instagram.

The news source says that Fabio commented on one of her posts with a lobster emoji.

And the fact that she likes bikes made some people wonder if there was more to the conversation.

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