Based on Carola Lovering's book, the series follows Lucy (Grace Van Patten) and Stephen's (Jackson White) toxic relationship over eight years,

from college to young adulthood. Usually, it wouldn't be a good thing that I still don't know what to make of Tell Me Lies' male lead,

Stephen (Jackson White), after five hour-long episodes, which is halfway through the season.

But in this case, it's just proof that the show is doing what it's supposed to.  

When he starts to get close to being a full-on villain, the show will give him a heartbreaking reveal or a moment of real sweetness.

When he starts to seem too nice, it will casually show how incredibly cruel he can be.

The push-pull puts us more or less in the same position as the main character, Lucy (Grace Van Patten),

who spends years wriggling on his hook before she's finally able to cut herself free. Tell Me Lies stands out from other dramas about steamy but

doomed relationships because it has a deep understanding of the psychology behind its main relationship.

it doesn't look like they'll be able to stay away from old habits for long.