Tearful Allison Russell Wins Americana Award for Debut Album

The Boy Meets World series finale was one of the most satisfying endings to a TV show of the 2000s. Even though the two-part episode

wrapped everyone's stories nicely, fans may still be annoyed by the fact that Trina McGee's Angela Moore wasn't there

The character was written out of the series in the penultimate episode, "Angela's Ashes," but viewers surely missed her in the finale.

Now, decades after that last episode aired, McGee and her co-stars have finally talked about the supposed reason why Shawn's

girlfriend wasn't in the episode. Angela's goodbye is one of the best episodes of the whole series, but it was still surprising that she

didn't stay until the end. Even Trina McGee's Boy Meets World co-stars were surprised, and they recently asked her why she didn't come back.

After keeping quiet about the issue for years, the former BMW star finally told Pod Meets World why she wasn't on the show, and, believe it or not