Taylor Swift Tries to Block Rival Experts at ‘Shake It Off’ Trial: ‘Not Qualified’

The January trial for copyright infringement will focus on how Swift used the lyrics "players going to play" and "haters going to hate" i

" in her 2014 hit pop anthem "Shake It Off." 
Taylor Swift says that two rival experts who have been asked to testify at her upcoming "

Shake It Off" copyright infringement trial are "not qualified" to do so and that the "gatekeeper" judge should stop them from doing so.

In a new motion obtained by Rolling Stone, the superstar says that one of the challenged witnesses hasn't given a good reason for his claim that 50% of

of their 2001 song "Playas Gon' Play," which was written for the all-female R&B trio 3LW.

Swift says that the phrases are in the public domain and that Bob Kohn shouldn't be allowed to say that Swift's song would lose all "force,

meaning, and energy" without the phrases. Swift's attorneys, Peter Anderson, Sean M. Sullivan, and Eric Lamm, make their case in a new motion filed on her behalf on Monday.