Survivor 43 premiere recap

Okay, we have a lot to do. I understand that. Not only is Survivor back, but the first episode of the new season is two hours long.

And I'm not talking about one of those fake two-hour Survivors that are just two episodes put together

robbing us of an extra week of the best TV show on the planet. This was actually one episode that lasted three days and a full two hours at

the Tribal Council. That's so cool, so rad. Some might even say it's as cool as a tattoo that says

LIVIN" with two exclamation points and a smiley face. There is, of course, a lot to talk about

and I promise to do my best not to go off on tangents during this recap. I know I've made promises like

this before and broken them, but let's keep our eyes on the prize, baby! We can make it! But before we go any further,

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