At least six other soldiers were hurt when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a military base west of the capital,

Mogadishu, on Sunday, Reuters was told by a soldier and a hospital worker.

A soldier at the base, Captain Aden Omar, told Reuters that the suicide bomber dressed up as a

regular soldier and went into a military base with other people before setting off the bomb.

"One soldier was killed, and several others were hurt. At a checkpoint, the bomber blew himself up, "he said. 

A nurse at Mogadishu's Madina Hospital told Reuters that one soldier had died there and that six others had been hurt.

Who is to blame for launching this attack? 
It wasn't clear right away who was behind the attack, but the Islamist group

al-Shabaab often bombs and shoots people in Somalia and other places. 

The group with ties to al-Qaeda wants to overthrow Somalia's

central government and replace it with its own strict version of Islamic sharia law.