A statement from the Prime Minister's Office said that President of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe called Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif

on the phone on Saturday. Floods have caused a lot of damage across the country. According to the statement, Wickremesinghe expressed sympathy for how bad the recent floods

in Pakistan were and offered Prime Minister Sharif his condolences for the lives that were lost. The report said he showed his support for the

government and people of Pakistan, who were brave in the face of an unexpected natural disaster.

PM Shehbaz thanked the Sri Lankan president for his kindness and words of support during these hard times. He also told him about the large-

scale damage caused across Pakistan by floods and landslides caused by unusually heavy rain.

The prime minister said that the floods have taken a big toll on people's lives, ways of making a living, animals, crops, property, and important infrastructure.

He also told President Wickremesinghe about the government's well-coordinated efforts to help people, such as setting up a relief fund where

people in Pakistan and around the world can give money to help with flood relief.

He said again that the international community needs to learn more about how bad the floods are, which have flooded one-third of the country.

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