Thursday, August 25th, 2022 (HealthDay News) —Seniors who want to live longer and have a lower chance of dying from cancer or heart disease should try

these new tips: Get your tennis racket or running shoes ready. A new study by the U.S. National Cancer Institute found that older people

who played racquet sports had a 16% lower chance of dying over a 12-year period. 15% of the risk was cut by running.  

Some of the sports researchers looked at were walking, jogging, swimming laps, and playing tennis every day. However, they said that any type of moderate

physical activity done once a week will do the trick. Eleanor Watts, the postdoctoral fellow who led the study, said, "It's never too late to start."

So if you're older and not very active, you can still get a lot of benefits from becoming more active. She said exercise increases longevity in several ways"

It cuts down on body fat, lowers blood pressure, and makes the body less prone to inflammation. And it's possible that more research will find other benefits.

She stressed that the only way to get the benefits of exercise is to start.   Watts said, "Find something you like to do for fun." It doesn't have to be intense. "Even

For the study, her team got information from almost 273,000 men and women between the ages of 59 and 82 who were taking part in a diet and health study

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