Officials in the Catalonia region of northeastern Spain have confirmed that a toddler died after being hit by a big hailstone during a storm.

A local councillor called the intense hailstorm that hit the Catalan town of La Bisbal de l'Emporda at 7:45 p.m. on Tuesday "10 minutes of terror.

Strangely large hailstones up to 11 cm wide made people run for cover. 

Up to 50 people were hurt, and one person died. A city councillor, Carme Vall, said that a 20-month-old girl died when a large hailstone "fell on her head." 

Ms. Vall said, "She did not make it." 
" It only hailed for ten minutes, but those ten minutes were terrifying. 

The toddler was taken to the Josep Trueta Hospital in the nearby city of Girona, but she died from her injuries overnight,

according to a statement from the hospital. Sicus Carbonell, who lives in La Bisbal de l'Emporda, told Reuters that there was "chaos" in the town when the hailstorm hit all of a sudden.

"It was a mess. "Little boys and girls were running around by themselves, and some parents were able to grab their kids," he said.

"Then a hailstone broke through the fabric, and I told my group that we had to get into the restaurant

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