A Japanese satellite will be launched by SpaceX's Starship. This is one of the first commercial payloads for Elon Musk's newest rocket to be made public

Sky Perfect JSAT Holdings Inc. said in a statement on Thursday that the Superbird-9 will be launched in 2024 to send broadcast

and broadband signals mostly over Japan and Eastern Asia.   The Starship rocket from Space Exploration Technologies Corp

is made to be a reusable, multipurpose vehicle that can carry people, cargo, and fuel.
NASA gave Starship a contract for a lunar landing mission last year

and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to use it to take people to Mars in the future.
The huge craft, which is made up of a booster stage and 

a spaceship for the second stage, has not yet been tested in orbit.  

In May, SpaceX said that Starship would do a flight like this from Texas in June or July, but that hasn't happened yet. Last month,

a booster rocket for the programme caught fire during a test. Musk said the damage seemed to be "minor."

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