South Korean drama 'Squid Game' competes for Emmys history

On Monday, "Squid Game" hopes to make Emmy history by being the first foreign-language drama to win the top prize. 

The Netflix show, in which misfits and criminals compete for money in cruel and deadly versions of schoolyard games,

wants to be as popular as the South Korean Oscar-winning film "Parasite" by winning at television's highest award ceremony.

But the winner from the year before, "Succession," a story about a family fighting for control of a media empire full of Shakespearean intrigue,

is a tough competitor. "Succession" also has the most nominations, with 25.
"It's difficult to compete with the HBO juggernaut," says the author.

Gold Derby, a website that predicts awards, did a poll and found that "Succession" is the favorite. Hammond stated, "I do believe ['Squid Game'] will win best actor,

which would make Lee Jung-jae the first non-English performer to win the award. Adam Scott's "Severance," a dystopian workplace thriller on Apple TV+