Grab some gabagool, because Funko is releasing a new line of Funko Pop figures based on the popular HBO show The Sopranos. Six figures will be available,

including two versions of Tony, Carmella, Silvio, Christopher Moltisanti, and, of course, Paulie Walnuts (RIP Tony Sirico). Most of the Sopranos Funkos can be

preordered for $12.99, and they will ship by the end of the year. Tony is wearing his famous bathrobe and holding a newspaper and a cigar while standing

next to a duck on the Amazon-only figure. And this one is not flying away! The New Jersey mob boss is shown standing with his arms crossed over the

As usual, Carmella's Funko is made up and dressed well. The apprentice in the Christopher Moltisanti figure is carrying a box, which could be a treat from

Satriale's. Silvio is making one of his signature hand movements, and Paulie is wearing a track suit and has grey wings in his hair.

This last figure is only sold in the Funko Shop and can't be preordered yet.

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