A post on the PlayStation Support website in Japan says that Sony is getting rid of a PlayStation 5 feature that wasn't used very often.

The PlayStation 5 has some features that its predecessor didn't have, like in-game help cards and a PlayStation Store built right in.

Unfortunately, one of the PS5's new features didn't get much use, so it will soon be taken away.

According to Siliconera, users of the PlayStation 5 will soon no longer be able to use the Accolades system. For those who don't know,

it was a function meant to reward players who made positive contributions to multiplayer games.

The three accolades that players could get were for being helpful, friendly, and a good sport. Since these trophies are not tied to a specific game and can be earned by playing any multiplayer game,

players can get them by playing a variety of games. If players look at their profiles, the Accolades section is likely to be empty for most of them.

A post on the Japanese PlayStation Support site says that the Accolades system for the PS5 will no longer be used.

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The feature will be taken away in the fall of 2022, but no exact date has been given. It's likely that when the feature is taken away,

gamers won't be able to see the acclaim they've already earned. Sony said that players didn't use the feature nearly as much as the company had hoped,  so it decided to stop supporting Accolades.