Before Diana, there was another blonde whose powerful mix of weakness and beauty made people feel sad and attracted to her, and whose tragic

death at age 36 made her a cultural obsession. 
Marilyn Monroe's star is still burning bright and hot 50 years after her death by overdose 

(or suicide, or murder – there are a lot of guesses and conspiracy theories). The most recent issue of American Vogue has her name on the cover,

and an essay by Lena Dunham about the icon's legacy is inside. The number of biographies about Marilyn Monroe is growing all the time.

They include books by fans like Gloria Steinem and Norman Mailer. Steinem said that Monroe's vulnerability and childlike qualities were everything women feared.

Mailer wrote that Marilyn was "blonde and beautiful, with a sweet little rinky-dink voice and all the cleanliness of all the clean American backyards."

Joyce Carol Oates, who has written many books about hummingbirds, was recently moved to add more to the story. Dominik's psychological thriller Blonde,

which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and is now on Netflix, is based on her well-reviewed novel about Marilyn's life from 2000.

Dominik is an Australian film director who was born in New Zealand. He made movies like The Assassination of Jesse James and Chopper, which is a

crime drama based on the life of an Australian serial killer who fed a man into a cement mixer and got another prisoner to cut off the man's ears for

him. So, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that his latest film focuses on the scandalous parts of Monroe's life. His film, which jumps back and

forth between colour and black and white, is a long list of bad things that happen to people.

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