Snake bitten: Phillies vs. Diamondbacks series preview In Arizona, the Phillies will try not to make another mistake. 

The Reds and Pirates were not very good teams in the National League, but the Phillies beat them 6-1 last week. This week, they play the Arizona Diamondbacks,

who aren't very good. So, in theory, the easy schedule keeps going. But if you remember, the Diamondbacks were even worse last year, and when the Phillies went to play them, they got swept.

Arizona Diamondbacks 59-67 (fourth in the National League West, 29 games behind) The supervisor Torey Lovullo is in his sixth year as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks,

but it's not clear if he'll get a seventh. The D'Backs won 93 games and made the playoffs in his first season as manager, but they haven't come close to that success since.

The team lost 110 games in 2021. Many managers don't make it through a season like that, even if their team isn't very good. It seems possible that if Lovullo's team loses again,

that could be the end of his time in Arizona. But it looks like the fans are still on Lovullo's side because they know that the manager hasn't been given a lot of talent to work with. 

When they last saw each other, The D'Backs came to Philadelphia in the middle of June, which was a bad time because the Phillies were on a roll after Joe Girardi left.

The first two games of the series were the eighth and ninth wins in a row for the Phillies. Then, the D'Backs won 13-1, saying, "If the winning streak is going to end,

it's going to end badly."   Be afraid of the snake. In theory, a series against a team that is eight games under.500 should be a chance to get some wins.

But this series might not be as easy as it seems for a few reasons. Since the All-Star Break, the Diamondbacks have gone 19-15, which is a winning record.

They just swept the White Sox in three games. And the Diamondbacks are a lot tougher at home than when they are away from home.

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