At the age of 12, Paedon Brown started working in reality TV. He was first introduced as the biological son of Kody and Christine, who is now Kody's

ex-wife, on TLC's Sister Wives Season 1 in 2010. Even though Paedon has moved out and started his adult life, he still makes occasional appearances on the show,

and social media keeps him in the spotlight. The 24-year-old often posts about his famous family's latest news on Instagram and TikTok. 

The father-of-insistence's on strict COVID safety rules, such as cleaning mail and living apart from close family members for months at a time, was a

major breaking point for many of the wives and children in Season 16. But in March, Paedon dropped the bombshell that Kody had decided not to

get the COVID vaccine. Fans were furious on social media about this, and Paedon apologised.

"Kody not getting vaccinated fits with what he's been doing all along, which is setting (and changing) rules for the family to justify his choices," one

Reddit user said. He didn't want to see his other wives, so by staying only at Robyn's, he was "protecting the children."

It's unclear if Kody has been vaccinated since Paedon's first video. 
Paedon said that his relationship with Robyn, his father's fourth wife, has been "strange and weird" 

ever since she joined the family 12 years ago, bringing along her three children from a previous marriage: David, 22, Aurora, 20, and Breanna, 17.