Simon Cowell and Jennifer Hudson unpack her American

Justine Browning is a model.
Monday, September 12, 2022, at 9:22 p.m. On the singer's new talk show, Simon Cowell and Jennifer Hudson

talk about why she was kicked off American Idol. 
Jennifer Hudson's first talk show was on Monday, and her first guest was none other than Simon Cowell, 

a judge on American Idol who is known for having a sharp tongue. Cowell met Hudson when she was a contestant on the

third season of the show in 2004. He went on The Jennifer Hudson Show to talk about her Idol elimination, among other things.

The conversation was the first time in public in 18 years that the two talked about the night she was sent home.

During the competition, Cowell was known for being hard on Hudson. He famously said that the singer, who came in seventh,

was "out of her depth." However, when he looked back, the 62-year-old only had good things to say about her.