Sidney’: Toronto Film Festival Review And Interview

Sidney Poitier, who was known as a great actor, died in January at the age of 94. He didn't live to see Sidney

an exciting new documentary about his life and work that had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday night

But it had its approval and that of his family for a movie that had been in the works for five years and was now being made.

Poitier didn't get to see the finished work, but everyone else will on September 23, when it starts streaming on Apple TV+ and playing in some theatres.

With Oprah Winfrey as a producer (along with Derik Murray) and Reginald Hudlin as the director, Poitier gets a very complete and wide-ranging look at his life

, told in a linear way and narrated by himself. This is done by using Winfrey's eight hours of interview footage from 2012 and other old interviews

This is the right way to tell this story, because it is quite a journey from beginning to end for a man who almost died as a baby