PITTSFIELD, MASS. (Dec.Four years ago, Andrea Harrington became the first woman to become a district attorney. She did this by beating her opponent twice.

But on Tuesday, voters who were unhappy with her chose not to give her another term. This made defence attorney Timothy Shugrue the top prosecutor in the county.

Since there are no Republicans running for the general election, the winner on Tuesday will be the next DA.

The mood at the candidates' election night parties hinted at the results. Harrington's gathering of a few dozen people was quiet, but close to 200

people came to Shugrue's party at Proprietor's Lodge and cheered as the new DA entered the ballroom.

Shugrue thanked the police associations in Pittsfield, North Adams, and other parts of the county in particular. The former prosecutor said, "These people know that effective

prosecution and criminal justice reform do not go against each other." "They can go together." He also said again and again that he wanted to

make Berkshire County safer and go after low-level criminals like shoplifters in court as a way to change their behaviour.

Shugrue said, "Let me be clear: I don't want to send these low-level criminals to jail." "But they need to learn that there are consequences for being bad."

Harrington had run on the same liberal platform that got her elected in 2018: using diversion programmes instead of jail for low-level crimes,