Serena Williams' second act

The GOAT of tennis has formally retired. But she might have made her greatest contributions yet. 

Serena Williams' career as a professional tennis player has come to an end after her defeat in the third round of the U.S. Open on Friday.

Williams may, however, have just as lasting an impression on politics, business, and culture in her second act as she did in her first.

Williams has never been one to fit in; both on and off the tennis court, she has always remained her own distinctive and genuine person

There may not be a greater explanation for her immense appeal (although her 23 Grand Slam titles might have something to do with it).

Tennis was defied by Serena and her older sister, Venus Williams. . Williams broke with tennis tradition as soon as they entered the pro ranks at the turn of the century

.Without needing to compromise their truth, they personified strength, intelligence, beauty, and femininity while refusing to conform to outdated and biassed cliches.

They also designed their own clothing. After making a stunning shot,  Williams celebrates her brilliance in full-throated

 fist-pumping glory rather than appearing stoic. The 41-year-old star's gripping, taxing,

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