Season 24 of Big Brother' makes history

Tonight, Big Brother made history when they revealed the victor of their

24th season of the show. Taylor Hale made history by becoming the

first black woman to ever win a reality show hosted by CBS.

In the second season of Celebrity Big Brother, Tamar Braxton emerged victorious

to claim the title of Big Brother. By eliminating the other finalist, Matthew Turner, Monte Taylor

a member of the Leftovers alliance, ensured that Hale would advance to the

Final 2.In a competition between two individuals, the judges favoured

Hale by a vote of 8-1, and as a result, she was awarded the prize money

of $750,000. Additionally, the people of the United States chose her

to be their favourite houseguest of the season, which earned her an

additional fifty thousand dollars. It was the first time that the winner

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