Saucy Santana is Sickening and Sickened on ‘I’m Too Much’

The Florida rapper said that poor boys make him want to vomit. 
Sauly Santana is concluding his hectic and scheduled summer with "I'm Too Much,

," a high-energy, boastful song that celebrates everything that makes him extra—and extra enjoyable to listen to.

The song is filled with witty barbs directed at his detractors, such as "I'm Saucy, keep flossing/I've got something you ain't got — options!

" and "I'm the big budget, iconic/You're the broke boy/I throw up." After the second of many fast and dangerous verses,

, the song goes to a higher level with an exciting saxophone break. Last weekend, Santana debuted "I'm Too Much" during the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show

, wearing a black lace bodysuit and pouring in royal gold. This summer, he has also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

, performed with Madonna during New York City's Pride Month events, and confirmed tour plans with Lizzo