Sandman' keeps Netflix in streaming

Stranger Things' (NASDAQ:NFLX) popularity may be waning after dominating viewership with its most recent season,

but Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) has replacement programmes ready to dominate viewership.

The retro-horror/sci-fi smash plummeted to third place overall in Nielsen's most recent weekly streaming statistics (for Aug. 8–14), with 1.123

billion minutes streamed, which is still an astounding amount. It was surpassed by another Netflix fantasy series, The Sandman, which went to

No. 1 in its first full week with 1.386 billion minutes of streaming, as well as the film Uncharted, which delivered Netflix an additional 1.185 billion minutes.

The next three slots on the overall list were also held by Netflix, with the Jamie Foxx film Day Shift (982M minutes), the blockbuster series Virgin

River (923M minutes), and Locke & Key (923M minutes) (919M minutes). However, Disney+ (NYSE:DIS) was able to surpass Netflix's toddler