On August 29, the San Diego Padres will play the San Francisco Giants. 

When the San Diego Padres go to play the San Francisco Giants, it will be the first game of a three-game series that could have a big impact on the playoffs.

The most important part of the MLB season is coming up, and neither team can afford to lose any more games at this point. So, tonight's game will feel a bit like the playoffs,

and both managers will be more aggressive than usual. The San Diego Padres haven't done as well as they could have.

They have one of the deepest rosters in Major League Baseball and may have been the biggest winners of the trade deadline, but that hasn't shown on the field yet.

Even without Fernando Tatis Jr., Bob Melvin's team has what it takes to beat any other team in a seven-game series or on any given night. But time is running out,

and they need to play better, especially against weaker teams. The San Francisco Giants haven't been as successful this season as they were last year.

Even though they lost some important players in free agency and have been hurt all year, they still have a chance to make the playoffs.

So, they'll have to beat both the San Diego Padres and the Philadelphia Phillies. They're almost eight games behind in the wild card race, and they only have 31 games left. 

The Padres were hurting before this game. Because of injuries, Evan Longoria, Brandon Belt, Colton Welker, and Jose Alvarez will all miss time.

Fernando Tatis Jr., Jorge Alfaro, Craig Stammen, and Drew Pomeranz will all be out of action for the Padres.The Giants have won five of their last seven games in the first game of a series,

and they have won five of their last seven home games against right-handed starters. Also, in the Padres' last five Monday games, the Under is 4-1.

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