Joe Elliott says that his live show with Def Leppard was ruined by someone. 

Joe Elliott, the lead singer of Def Leppard, recently posted a memory from the band's current Stadium Tour on the band's YouTube channel. As Elliot said in the video,

during one of their concerts, someone under the stage messed up their live show. In 2019, the band told its fans that in the summer of 2020,

they would go on the Stadium Tour with Motley Crüe, Poison, and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. But because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, things didn't go as planned, and

they had to move it because of the restrictions. But, as Joe Elliot said, the band turned this difficult process into a good thing. They focused on their creativity to share new things with their audience.

"Diamond Star Halos," their 12th studio album, came out in May 2022. It was their first new album in seven years. When that day came,

Def Leppard's long-awaited Stadium Tour got underway. Fans have been singing their important songs and giving them emotional moments that they will never forget.

 Even though the concerts are still exciting, the members of the band sometimes have trouble. 
Joe Elliot recently talked about how happy he is about this huge tour, 

saying that every night is great. While talking about how great the show was the night before, he told them that someone had tried to ruin it.

While he was singing "Two Steps Behind," someone under the stage unplugged his microphone, and he stood there dumbfounded as the audience couldn't hear him.

He also said that, other than this one bad thing, it had been a great night. Joe Elliot told me what happened: "Captain's Log, August 14, 2022."

I've been saying the whole tour that it's hard to say something different than what I said the night before because what I said the night before was so great. Tonight, there was a small problem.

Someone took my microphone away before I finished singing "Two Steps Behind." So, I'm out there by myself with a microphone and a guitar, 40,000 people, and no sound.

The mic wasn't making any sound. Someone under the stage pulled the plug. The small problem with tonight's show, but everything else was great. "

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