Even though the CEO of the Irish ultra-low-cost company has said before that the time of 10-euro tickets is over, his company seems to attract

people with low ticket prices. Some of them cost less than the "excess profit tax" that Ryanair has to pay to the Hungarian government because of

the new departure tax. A travel-focused Hungarian news outlet compiled a list of inexpensive places to visit. Read on for more. Cheap plane tickets

would never be available again after the COVID panic passed. That's because demand is going up, there's a war in Ukraine, inflation is going through

the roof, and an energy crisis is coming up fast. But it looks like his company is still trying to get people to come by offering very cheap tickets from

Budapest to different places in Europe. 
According to okosutas.hu, facts show that Ryanair's system still lets us book tickets to a lot of places.

That means Ryanair pays us to get on their plane since the departure tax they have to pay after each ticket (3,900 HUF = 9.57 EUR)

is more than the ticket price. For example, if you want to fly from Dublin to Warsaw on a low-cost airline, you must now pay 2,879 HUF (7.07 EUR).

Prices in Torino, Italy and Kraków, Poland are in the same price range. These two places will be among the eight that will no longer be serviced from Budapest.

Before the departure tax, a ticket to Turin was only 5 EUR, which is something that needs to be said. 

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