Ryan Grantham, who used to be on Riverdale and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, will spend the next 14 years in prison for killing his mother in 2020.

He will not be able to get out during that time. On September 21, in Vancouver,

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Kathleen Ker gave the second-degree murder sentence that was written in the book.

The sentence was already set by the laws of the Canadian province, so the only real question was how long the 24-year-old Grantham,

who had pleaded guilty, would have to wait before he could ask for parole.  

The Leo Awards have been chosen. Grantham turned himself in to the police soon after shooting his mother, Barbara Waite, 64,

in the back of the head on March 31, 2020, in their home in Squamish, just north of Vancouver.  

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