Royal Mail wants to end agreements that have been in place for a long time and go to ACAS. 

Royal Mail has said that it wants to tear up some of its current agreements and policies for the workplace. This comes as the postal operator is still in the middle of a labour dispute.

In a statement to the stock market, Royal Mail says that after five months of talks about pay and working conditions, it hasn't come to an agreement

with the Communication Workers Union (CWU). Royal Mail says it is now taking two steps to "break the impasse." It says it needs to act quickly to stop losing £1 million every day.

It has told CWU that it "wants to modernise the ways it works with them" by reviewing or ending different agreements and policies.

It says: As part of this, Royal Mail will review or give notice on a number of old agreements and policies that the CWU is currently using to stop

transformation. It also plans to move to a more modern industrial relations framework that will make the business more flexible and better able to compete.

The company says that getting rid of these "historic agreements and policies"

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