Ross Lynch reveals what he thinks of those

This week, Oss Lynch is going to play sold-out shows in Sydney and Melbourne with his brother Rocky as part of his new project, The Driver Era.

The 26-year-old child star recently made a lot of news when a series of shirtless photos of him performing with his brother went viral on TikTok.

On Tuesday, the American singer laughed off the trend and told the Daily Mail Australia, "It's kind of funny." I kind of laughed at it. "The shirtless

thing that's popular on TikTok is like... I just think it's funny, but our shows are so much fun because we try to have as much fun as we can on stage, "he said.

Ross went on: "The funny thing is, it's not something that happens every night." I just do it when it feels right. It's like it needs to be current.

After that TikTok video went viral, people started chanting "take it off,

take it off" almost every night, but that's not really the point.   "The idea is that if it's a really hot show, everyone is having a good time." I try not to think about things.

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