The Rookie Boss discusses the most shocking Chenford twist to date in

the Season 5 premiere and what will happen in the following episodes.

What occurred in Vegas between "Dim" and "Juicy" did not remain in Vegas

for Tim and Lucy, as seen in the debut episode of Season 5 of The Rookie, which aired on Sunday night.

Sergeant Bradford (played by Eric Winter) and Officer Chen (Melissa O'Neil) were each prodded by confidantes

(Lopez, Tamara) to answer for any real feelings that were brewing beneath

the surface prior to resuming their undercover dynamic as a thug and his moll.

This took place before they resumed their role as a thug and his moll.  

Later on, when they were travelling to Vegas in the personal vehicle of a drug dealer,

they engaged in yet another passionate, drawn-out, and "fake" kiss in

order to help sell Dim and Juicy's antics at the Mile High Club.

After that, Tim personally did a gut check on Lucy to see what she might be feeling,

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