six years after it came out, Rogue One is still one of the best Star Wars movies from the Disney era: A dark, sombre look at what war was

like for regular soldiers in that galaxy so long ago and far away, and a movie in which the only "Skywalker" who shows up 

is there to kill the last few heroes in a brutal show of power. . Disney is bringing "Star Wars Story"

back to IMAX theatres on August 26 with a sneak peek at the new show to promote the release of "Rogue One."

This may be to show that we won't get any flash-forwards to see what Rebel spy Cassian Andor is up to after Rogue One ends.

Fandango, which is promoting the re-release, hasn't put out a list of theatres yet, so it's not clear how wide the release will be. It did get a new movie poster, 

though, which shows Luna, Felicity Jones, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, and others in silhouette against the Death Star, whose plans they are trying to steal.

Andor, on the other hand, promises a darker look at the beginnings of the Rebellion. Series showrunner Troy Gilroy has said that

the show will follow Cassian Andor's journey from being "averse to revolution, cynical, lost,

and kind of a mess" to the point where he's willing to give his life for the Rebellion's last desperate hope.

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