"Pinocchio" is only the second-worst movie that came out in 2022, with Tom Hanks playing a puppet master with a strong European accent.

When "Pinocchio" came out in 1940, people who went to the theatre hoping to see the main puppet character interact with a perfectly drawn,

photorealistic pile of horse poop would have been disappointed. But now, after 82 years and many changes in technology,

a new remake gives Disney fans the chance to do just that. When Pinocchio first leaves Geppetto's workshop and goes out into the real world,

he sees a huge pile of dung with CGI flies buzzing around it. He kneels down to smell it.

Cinephiles won't be able to see that shot on the big screen because the movie is going straight to streaming

but it's a shot that sticks in your mind right away. And maybe it's a metaphor for what Disney's shameless IP recycling has turned into,

since the image of the beloved character poking at literal poop makes you wonder, "Who on Earth asked for this?"