Like most Argentine football teams, it tends to run all over the place. It hurt him against some opponents and in some stadiums,

probably because it hadn't happened in a long time. But the river should never be given up on.

They have dealt with more difficult situations and more than once turned so-called "crises" into "opportunities."

Marcelo Gallardo's team, which is in the process of starting over, knows this better than anyone else.

The Greatest will play Defense and Justice in the Round of 16 of the Argentine Cup, which starts on Wednesday at 9:30. a big game because the goal is

important and because it could be a fast way to get into the next Copa Libertadores tournament next year.

Also, it's a straight-up elimination match, so River needs to break out of her character and click in order to face what's next.

For this meeting, Marcelo Gallardo will be able to count on most of his coaches. David Martinez will be forced to lose because he was just kicked off against

Barracas Central and has to serve a suspension date in this match. He also can't count on Tomas Pochettino, who has a flu-like illness that kept him from

training on Monday and made him nervous during Tuesday's practise. He didn't even go to Chacko because of this.

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