Rising Director Adjani Salmon on Being Honored

Screenwriter, actor, and director Adjani Salmon's fame is on the rise, as seen by a series of recent accolades. He most recently won the 59%

Gen Now award at London's first-ever Soho House Awards last week. The award is named after the recently founded production company of Oscar

-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya. It seeks to recognise and promote diverse creative talents, particularly from the United Kingdom

who are already making a significant impact on the entertainment industry with their work but could benefit from increased visibility

. On September 1, Kaluuya personally gave the award to Salmon at the awards ceremony. Salmon's most famous work is "Dreaming While Black

" a comedy web series that became a BBC iPlayer show. It's about a young, naive British-Jamaican filmmaker named Kwabena,

who (played by Salmon) struggles to balance his big dreams with the harsh realities of life. 
In addition to the 59% Gen Now award