Riot Fest 2022 Stirs Up a Killer Weekend

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Riot Fest 2022 turned out to be a fun music party with all your weird friends and almost 100 of your favourite punk, rock, industrial, indie, and hip hop bands.

rock, industrial, indie, and hip-hop bands. From September 16th to 18th, the festival was held in Chicago's Douglass Park.

This year's lineup included not only rock's "elders," but also artists who were influenced by them. Where else could 67-year-old Glenn Danzig

be the main act one night and the Linda Lindas, a group of teenagers, play the next afternoon?

The sunny weather on Friday fit the mood. Stephen Christian, the lead singer of the band Anberlin, said, "This is the best day of my life,

and I hope it's your best day, too." The alt-rock band from Florida played a high-energy set that started with "Never Take Friendship Personally

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