Review Morgan Wallen in L.A country superstar

Morgan Wallen recently performed in Los Angeles and wowed the crowd.

She is a country music superstar, and her show didn't seem to be cancelled.

Even though he was caught on video while under the influence of alcohol using

the N-word to refer to a friend, Morgan Wallen's career has not

been derailed as a result of this incident. The country superstar touched down

Saturday night at Arena for the first of two sold-out

concerts, and the venue was packed to capacity with fans.

A little over a year and a half after TMZ published a grainy clip shot by a neighbour

as Wallen stumbled around his driveway, the singer's 2021

LP, "Dangerous," has set a new record for the most weeks in the

top 10 of Billboard's album chart. This record was set by the singer's previous album,

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