Remembering Paul Walker, Role by Role

"I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I think you're just about the smartest girl in the whole school!" Walker said to Reese Witherspoon,

the girl he dated on-screen as the good-looking Skip Martin in the movie that took him back to the 1950s.

c coming-of-age movie. "All summer, I worked with about 40 really hot cheerleaders. They were all college-aged at the time. That was a blast.

I mean, I loved it. I didn't have a prom, and I got to play the meathead jock I hated in high school." His heartthrob status continued to steal

scenes, and in this case, dates to the school dance. In this romantic comedy

Walker ruled the hallway as Dean Sampson Jr., a teen dream who

makes a bet with Freddie Prinze Jr. about making an art nerd into a prom queen.