Quentin Tarantino and Miramax may have realized Pulp Fiction NFTs might literally not be worth fighting over

A schism has finally been repaired in Hollywood as of today, with Variety reporting that the ugly debate over who is permitted to exploit a

classic picture in the dumbest way possible has ended. The Pulp Fiction NFTs fight between Quentin Tarantino and Miramax seems to be over.

You may recall that this conflict began last November, when Tarantino revealed that he would be selling "exclusive uncut portions" from his 1994 picture as NFTs

, ostensibly to celebrate the film's legacy and not as a ruse to get fools to pay him money in exchange for, essentially, nothing.

. Miramax responded that if anyone was going to transform a cherished film into a tacky, useless consumer object, it would be them, and they sued him.

This is on top of the copyright complaint that Tarantino and his non-fungible partners at Secret Network got from the artist Andrew Cremeans.

Cremeans said that both parties were using his Pulp Fiction fan art to promote the sale, which was against both of their rights.