Queen Elizabeth II's demise boosts the Crown's popularity.

After Queen Elizabeth II died over the weekend, people all over the world watched a lot more of the hit Netflix show The Crown.

The Crown tells the story of the Queen's life over a number of years, starting in the late 1940s, before her father King George VI died and she became queen.

Netflix has gotten a lot of attention and praise for the award-winning series, which debuted in 2016. Queen Elizabeth died on September 8,

, putting an end to her historic 70-year rule. People in the UK and all over the world have felt sad about her death. In Britain, there will be a 10-day

period of mourning, and the Queen's body will lie in state in London from Wednesday to Monday, when her funeral will take place. According to

data from Whip Media, between September 9 and 11, the number of people who watched The Crown in the UK rose by more than 800% compared

to the previous weekend. In the US, the number of people watching The Crown went up by more than four times during this time. In France