So far this season, Puebla has only won two games, but on the plus side, they have only lost once. You might be wondering how that could be

possible this late in the season. This season, Nicolás Larcamón's team has become known as the "Draw King." That's true. Eight of their 11 matches

with their opponents have ended in ties (including their last 5 matches as well as 8 out of their last 9). The last time one of their games didn't end in

a tie was on Matchday 5, which was July 26. That was when Puebla travelled to Rayados and lost their only game of the season.

Querétaro, on the other hand, has had a terrible season, not because they haven't played well, but because many of their players haven't been very

good. Even though they've been close to winning most of the games they've played, they keep making one or two mistakes that cost them the

game, which has led to 7 losses in 12 games. Gerk has done a great job of keeping his team in the fight even though they don't have a lot of talent,

but the players also need to do their part. They have only 7 points and are last in the table.

"Who's your daddy?" could be said to Querétaro to make matters worse. In the last 12 games between these two teams, Gallos has only won two,

while Puebla has won four. The other six games were draws. More importantly, though, Puebla has won the last two times these two teams have

played, and they hope to win again later tonight. Gerk's team last beat Puebla in January 2020, which was more than two and a half years ago.

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