Prince William ripped on social media

It was the reunion to end all reunions, with the new Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex mourning the loss of

Queen Elizabeth II. With the highly anticipated reunion of Prince William and Prince Harry with their wives came an inflow of analysis of how the royals interacted

as their troubled relationship remains front and centre. People on social media criticised the Prince of Wales, who is next in line for the throne,

for how he seemed to treat his wife Kate Middleton, while they praised the Duke of Sussex for

how he treated his wife Meghan Markle in a video that went viral and was shared on many platforms.

As the two couples get ready to leave the large crowd that has gathered outside Windsor Castle to pay their respects to the queen, Prince

Harry is seen walking his wife to their shared car and carefully opening and closing the door for her. The Prince and Princess of Wales enter the car separately.