Post Malone apologises to fans

Post Malone is on tour for his new album, Twelve Carat Toothache. On Saturday, September 17, at a show in St. Louis, he fell on stage and hurt himself.

During "Circles," Posty walked and fell into a trapdoor he didn't realise was still open. This door was used to move guitars to and from the stage.

Manager Dre London said that he got a bruise on his ribs. The fan-shot video below shows that the fall looked pretty bad. Medics rushed to the stage to help Malone

After about 15 minutes, Malone returned to the stage to talk about what happened and play a few more songs before the show ended.

He told the crowd, "There was a big-ass hole in the middle of the stage, and I just bust my ass on it."

St. Louis, I'm so sorry I ruined the show tonight, ladies and gentlemen. I promise that the next time I come around, I won't do anything to ruin your night

So, I'd like to thank you for being patient and say "I'm sorry." After the incident, Post Malone let his fans know how he was doing and apologised again

Image Credit: all websites and social media