Tourist and cultural spots in Shanghai have planned both online and offline events for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Just before the festival, the Shanghai Auto Museum in Jiading District got a makeover.

The Magic Motown, a place where kids and their parents can play games and learn about cars, was added.  

It will take kids on an exciting trip through cars by introducing them to science and putting on shows.

The area is 1200 square metres and has 38 immersive auto-interactive experience programmes for kids between the ages of 2 and 10.

There are seven interactive scenes, like a town, a forest, and a valley, where you can make things and play roles.

There are several paths that show how cars move, and children are encouraged to use fun interactive installations to learn more about how cars are made, motor

During the festival, there will be a vlog contest, a kids' painting contest, and do-it-yourself projects.