In college football, turnover percentages have come a long way, but a few teams have joined the mix already this season.

We saw the next level of crazy at the "Backyard Brawl" between Pittsburgh and West Virginia.  

After the Panthers forced a turnover by the Mountaineers, the players went straight to the bench to celebrate.

There, they had a dunk contest to show how happy they were about the play.

The turnover chain at Miami is probably one of the most toned-down props ever used, compared to others we’ve seen in past years.

Who could forget how bad it was when Tennessee brought a trash can to the sidelines during the Butch Jones era? We also had subtle props,

like Georgia's spiked shoulder pads, which are still used on the sidelines after a forced turnover.

But UNLV has now beaten everyone in college football by bringing a slot machine to the sidelines.

Every turnover gives them a chance to get lucky. With all the games this weekend, there will be more props on the

sidelines this season, so this article will almost certainly be updated before Labor Day.

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