Paul George sends Kobe Bryant a birthday message Paul George, a star for the LA Clippers, sent a message to Kobe Bryant, a legend for the LA Lakers. 

It's Kobe Bryant's birthday, and players all over the NBA have been sharing messages for a legend they looked up to. Paul George,

who plays for the LA Clippers, has always said that Kobe Bryant is his favourite player. Their friendship has only made that love grow.

George posted this message on Kobe's birthday to his Instagram Story: George has looked up to Bryant since he was a young boy.

When Kobe got to the NBA, George had the chance to train with him. So much of Kobe's influence can still be seen in the league today,

with many players using his skills, mindset, and drive as inspiration. Paul George is no different, and the star wing always shows love to the player who is his idol.

Kobe Bryant will always be missed in the basketball world, but as was already said, his legacy and impact will live on forever.

Few people in NBA history have had as much of an effect on the game as Kobe Bryant did, and the superstars of today would agree.

When Paul George first came to Los Angeles to play for the Clippers, he was honest about what it was like for him as a young basketball fan. Even though he liked the Clippers,

George said he liked Kobe just as much. So many young players were like this. Even if the Lakers weren't their favourite team,

fans liked Kobe Bryant for some reason. That is something that Paul George will always believe in.

Paul George Shares Birthday Message For Kobe Bryant

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