Luke Knox would have played his first game for the FIU Panthers on Thursday night. Knox died on August 17. He would have turned 23 later this month.

No one knows why he died, but his absence is felt every day by many, including the FIU players he worked out with during fall camp. Knox

was a transfer from Ole Miss who was competing for a starting job with the Panthers. He used his outgoing personality to influence most of the FIU

team, especially his defensive teammates. Dorian Hall, a veteran safety at FIU, said, "It hit us hard." "When we found out, I tried to make everyone

feel better." We're all just taking it one day at a time. We haven't tried too hard to show our feelings. We got help from a couple of coaches, and they

brought in [grief counsellors] who we could talk to. "We tried to have a family discussion about it." 

On Thursday night, there was a moment of silence before the game started to honour Knox. Also, each Panthers player wore a sticker on his helmet

with his number 16. The captains of FIU, wide receiver Tyrese Chambers, running back Lexington Joseph, defensive tackle Davon Strickland, and

linebacker Donovan Manuel, brought Knox's jersey out for the pre-game coin flip. 

a touchdown from four yards out to running back Lexington Joseph. FIU tried to get a two-point conversion, but a run up the middle by Joseph was

stopped just inches from the goal, giving Bryant a 16-6 lead at halftime. In the first half, Bryant had more yards than FIU by 215 to 121. But before

FIU's last drive, they were down by 215 yards to 46.

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