Panic at the Disco Fans Share Videos of Stage

People at the "Viva Las Vengeance" tour concert at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center filmed the fire as live music played through the speakers. They

said that pyrotechnics used on the stage of the large venue caused the fire. "It's not a Panic at the Disco concert unless the pyro machine catches fire

one concertgoer wrote as a caption to a video of staffers quickly putting out the flames as the crowd cheered loudly.

Even though there were videos of the fire, the show seemed to be a success, and no injuries were reported. Ross Raihala, a critic for the St.

Paul Pioneer Press, said that he thought about 7,500 people went to the concert. If the pyromachine doesn't go off, it's not a Panic at the Disco show

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From a different angle, YouTube footage showed Urie dancing happily on another part of the stage, as if he were unaware of the small fire.