Spectrum Originals Drops Official Trailer for ‘Panhandle

The official trailer for the crime drama-comedy series "Panhandle" has been put out by Spectrum Originals. Spectrum will show the first two

episodes of the show on September 26. 
The show also stars Forrest Goodluck, Lorenza Izzo, Wallace Smith, Glenn Morshower, and Lesley Ann Warren,

, in addition to Kirby and Okoye. Melanie Minichino, Landon Chase DuBois, Mo Gallini, David De Vries, Deja Dee, Paulina Gálvez, Scott Takeda,

and Grant Freely all appear as guests more than once. Nick Stoller and Carla Kettner are the show's creators and writers.

Conor Welch is also an executive producer on the show. The pilot episode will be directed by and run by Colin Bucksey.

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TGM managing director John String said on Friday. Higgins will be the president and will be in charge of making sure that TGM's publishing houses