Olivia Newon-love John's life was full of heartbreak, divorce, and the strange disappearance of her boyfriend, Patrick McDermott. This is not a secret.

Fans might not know about Olivia's first real love, an Australian TV host named Ian Turpie. In 1964, the Grease star met Ian,

who was 19 at the time, on the set of the Australian variety show Time For Terry. Ian was a singer and actor on the rise. In the 1980s, 

he would host the long-running Australian game show The Price is Right. In 2012, an insider said, "Olivia was a beautiful girl with a sweet voice.

" As soon as she and Ian sang together, there was amazing chemistry. He was blown away by her, and she fell hard for him. "

In Olivia's first movie, Funny Things Happen Down Under, which came out in 1965, the young couple also appeared together.

"Ian and Olivia could not be apart." They sang together a lot and did everything together, like going to car races, football games, dances, and concerts.

The Australian Women's Weekly wrote in 1981 that Olivia even played football with Ian and his four football-loving brothers.

The couple dated for five years until their different career paths made it impossible for them to stay together. Even though he knew she might leave him for Hollywood

Ian was determined to help Olivia become a star. He even lent her his guitar when she auditioned for Johnny O'Keefe's Sing, Sing, Sing talent search.

Olivia won in the end, but she didn't want to take the prize, which was a trip to England. Irene, Olivia's starry-eyed mother

had other ideas. She tried to convince Olivia to take the chance and expand her career internationally.

Paul sorvino, an imposing actor whose roles ranged from the mob boss in "Goodfellas" to an early stint on the long-running cop drama "Law & Order,"

Ian and Olivia are said to have promised each other that they wouldn't break up until they had been apart for three months.

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